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UPDATE 19/06/21

Update  19/06/2021

 Status: Done

 duration: 190 minutes

New Features:

- Old Legend Honor buff Scroll has been removed from the Babel Shop NPC.

- Premium Remover Scroll has been implemented, you will find it at Babel Shop NPC.

- Devil & common Alchemy % have been improved. - Devil Max plus has been increased to +10.

- alchemy Max plus have been increased to +10 NO ADV.

- New alchemy Rate has been implemented!

- Beginner premium 5% stats has been removed.

- Zerk scroll has been removed from Babel Shop NPC.

- Zerk refill per Unique kill 100% rate has been implemented.

- Fur dress has been implemented to the new Comers Starter Pack!

- A new Box System has been implemented, there are x3 box... Gold box, Silver box & Bronze Box, you can get these boxes from STR/INT uniques, FTW, Weekly PVP/Unique Events, Weekly Unique Ranking, Battle Arena.

- x4 STR Uniques & x4 INT Uniques has been implemented! 

- Socket remover has been implemented to Babel Shop NPC, you will find it on the Alchemy section!

- God Blessing Scroll Attack rate/ Parry rate has been boosted from 75 to 100 points.

- 10% Critical increase has been implemented to the Chinese Balance Skill.

- Some new skills such as chinese orbits, phy/mag defense party buff, Group Healings, have been implemented to Force Mastery.

- Guild limit has been adjusted, Current guild limit is 35.

- New Battle Arena system has been implemented! which the winners will get x1 Silver Box + the respective arena coins reward from the Event!

- New rules have been implemented! you can check the current rules throught our website : https://babel-sro.com/rules.php

- Donations are available in our website, fast & safe system through Paypal Platform: https://babel-sro.com/user/donation.php


Enjoy our New Features! If you got any question or any problem, DM on discord Hiro#2228